Although designed with florists in mind, our vessels can easily be used by amateur flower arrangers and first-time enthusiasts. Read on for some of our expert styling tips.


Floral styling tips


Items like our ceramic footed and low bowls are designed to be used with three simple pieces of floristry equipment, all of which are easily available to buy online even if you're not a florist.

  • Flower frogs
  • Chicken wire
  • Floristry tape

The style of the vessels themselves means that they lend themselves to floral designs that are full and abundant whilst still being light, airy and elegant with variations in height.

Whether used as single pieces or placed together in a grouped tablescape, they make ideal centrepieces for dining tables, bar designs, coffee tables and so much more. 

Read on for our top tips for designing floral arrangements in GAIA Footed Bowls and Low Bowls.

Choose a variety of flowers and foliage in order to give your designs real interest and impact

You'll need to consider focal flowers, secondary flowers, filler flowers, foliage and finishing touches - those specific types of flowers that bring everything together.

Start with your focal flowers then build out the design from there

Traditionally when you learn floristry you're taught to begin with your greenery first, but this can lead to foliage-heavy and 'box-y' looking designs. By instead choosing your focal flowers first, you begin with the real heroes of the piece, giving them space to sing and allowing your other flowers to play strong supporting roles.

Don't forget depth

The key to really beautiful designs is creating depth with your flowers. Cut your stems to different lengths to create a 3D effect; designs with flowers that are of different lengths will avoid your creations looking flat and out of proportion.

Trust the process

When you start designing, it will often look and feel horrible. Don't be put off! This is all part of the process, just keep going and soon your masterpiece will start to appear before your eyes.