Our Story

GAIA is a curated collection of ceramic vessels created by floral designers Jennie Evans and Jess Finch.

In Ancient Greek mythology, the goddess Gaia is the mother of all life and creation. As the personification of the earth, the word has inspired the design of the collection through the natural contrasts of light and dark, morning and night, summer and winter. 

GAIA vessels are both functional and beautiful, made with florists, stylists, and creatives in mind. For use in wedding tablescapes, photoshoots and everything in between, GAIA’s stylish and contemporary products will inspire and delight.

Frustrated at the lack of elegant and sophisticated vessels for their weddings and events, Jen and Jess decided to design a range of their own ceramic products to fill the gap in the market.

Working with highly skilled craftspeople, they have brought these designs to life in the form of the GAIA collection, where each piece has been specifically designed for floral work. Every GAIA vessel is designed, packed and shipped to you from the Cotswolds where Jen and Jess run their successful wedding floristry businesses.

Jen says: “The products we’ve created reflect our admiration for our fellow florists; we know how difficult it can be to find the right vessels, so we wanted to make it easy for people to source beautiful products in order to better showcase their wonderful work.”

Jess says: “Our wish is that by alleviating the stress of sourcing the right products, florists can spend more time creating and sharing their work with the world. Most of all we hope you love using and re-using this collection as much as we have loved creating it for you.”