The Bud Vases in Moon


Discover a trio of charming handmade bud vases in a timeless soft ivory hue, each uniquely designed to add a touch of elegance to any space. Two of these vases boast a modern textured finish, while the third showcases our signature smooth matte finish.

These stunningly simple vases effortlessly work together, offering endless possibilities to create subtle yet striking floral focal points or a captivating table centerpiece.

The gentle ivory tone makes these ceramic handmade vases perfect for wedding styling, infusing a touch of sophistication into any celebration. However, their versatility means they seamlessly fit into numerous settings, whether gracing your home with warmth or enhancing the ambiance of any event space.

Elevate your event or home decor with these exquisite handmade bud vases, where sophistication meets simplicity in perfect harmony.

Please note: This item is currently out of stock but due to be available as a pre-order item in June 2024. Read more about the order process and see our full terms here.

  • Set of three beautiful bud vases
  • Two cylindrical vases with a contemporary textured finish and one curved vase with our signature smooth matte finish
  • Soft ivory colour
  • Perfect when grouped together in table designs
  • Dimensions: tall textured vase: 11cm tall x 3.5cm wide / small textured vase: 5cm tall x 3.5cm wide / curved vase: 8cm tall x 3.5cm wide. Please note as all of our products are handmade there may be some small variations in dimensions
  • These products are dishwasher proof
  • They are made from a fine white ceramic stoneware body and if dropped may chip or break

Please note that these products are sold as a set of three.